ABOUT THIS ISSUE: The Barrington area is known as an exceptional open spaces region in the United States. Meet one of the five original visionaries who set this direction, and the people and organizations making sure our open lands stay intact for the future.

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Check out the QB Calendar of Events and current news in About Town. Exciting new events include BACOA’s Dancing with the Barrington Stars and the newly reimagined Barrington Town Warming, a special event on Feb. 3 in at Barrington’s White House.
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Interview – Dr. Cheryl Borst:
Long-time Barrington mental health expert Dr. Cheryl Borst shares keen advice for all stages of life to consider for a healthy New Year.
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Open Spaces:
Barrington’s open spaces offers many rewards and community events. April Anderson updates the natural fibers topic, Barrington Hills Farm enters a new season, and water expert Nancy Schumm talks about why we need to care about our waterways.
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Down Cellar - Jim Bryant's Wine Column: Have you ever been on a truffle hunt in wine country? If not, check out Jim Bryant’s account of a trip to Piedmont, Italy wine country for great food and wine ideas.
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What’s Cooking - Kathy Harrison: Cooking expert Kathy Harrison offers a creative, post-holiday season fruit tart recipe.
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On The Market - Judy Gibbons: With her great sense of humor and style, Judy Gibbons offers state-of-the-art home selling strategies for both town and country.
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Barrington Horse Country - Deb Nestrud Gallagher: The Fox River Valley and Massbach Hounds members wrap up another grand season of excellent horsemanship, camaraderie, and some year-end fun at its annual Hunt Ball.
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Designing Barrington Lifestyles

Meet Ashley and Alex Miller who live in Lake Barrington Shores, and see their exciting renovation of a 1975-era home with help from Radka Sumberova of Suran Built.

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Quintessential Barrington

Local historian Barbara L. Benson looks back at the efforts that began in 1933 to fight the battles to keep the greater Barrington area a place of remarkable open spaces.

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Quintessential People

In “Yours, Mine, and Ours” we reprint Freddie Pederson’s story of growing up in Barrington and becoming a stalwart advocate for the community’s quality of life, as well as committing to open spaces for all. Read now.

About Town

For more information on what's happening around Barrington with events and the latest news, read About Town, which starts on page 89 in the current issue. Read now.

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