ABOUT THIS ISSUE: Kick off the holiday season with four dynamic charity founders whose vision and hard work are tackling challenges for thousands of people. Find out what inspires them and what their unique charities do locally, and for one—nationally. Darby Hills, Joy Wagner, Nancy Gianni, and Rubina Nguyen are charity gamechangers! Read: Features and Quintessential.

Quintessential People

Catlow Theater

Congratulations to Dr. Barry Rosen on a successful fall gala for Good Shepherd and for being featured as our Quintessential Person. Read Now.

Quintessential Barrington

Catlow Theater

This year, seasonal events will be held in the elegance of Barrington’s White House, a venue largely created by the community for the community. Likewise, a century ago, Mr. Catlow’s Auditorium on West Station Street would open its doors (in 1916) to present various programs to bring tidings of joy to the residents of the village more than a century ago.
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Quintessential America

Antique Glassware

A sense of satisfaction rushed over Lynn Rice as she looked at the 19 patriotic-themed quilts on display at Community Church of Barrington. She and her fellow quilters, who spent a year working on the project, admired them and carefully packaged the quilts for delivery to the Brave Hearts Estate in Michigan. Many of the quilters who participated in the project are members of the Northwest Suburban Quilters Guild and were customers of A Touch of Amish, the quilt shop Rice operated in Barrington for three decades before she retired. Read now.

Check It Out!

Beyond bustling Positano, the shops of Sorrento, and ravishing Ravello glitters the Gulf of Naples. With 50 miles of UNESCO World Heritage protected playground to explore, there is no better a way to capture the beauty of the Amalfi Coast than by private yacht charter. Alexandra Khoshaba takes you there in Sojourn. Read Now.

Sesquicentennial Edition

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